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Addison Township Public Library

Claimed Returned Policy

If a patron claims that an item has been returned or that they never had the item, they must fill out a claimed returned form and renew the item for three more weeks. The patron must continue to look for the item as well as the Library Staff who will check the shelf, drop box, and other libraries for the item.

 If the item claimed to be returned or never had is not located within three weeks of the claim date, the material will turn to a lost status in the library system. The patron is responsible for paying half of the market price to replace it. This will be noted in their record. If this happens again, the patron will be responsible for paying the full amount of the item lost.

If the item is found within one month of it being claimed returned, the patron will be given a refund of their payment. If the item is found after this set time, they can keep the item.

This policy applies only to items that ATPL owns. If the patron claims the return of an item from another library, ATPL will have to abide by the rules of the owning library.

Updated 10/2022

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