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Code of Conduct Policy

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Code of Conduct Policy

Purpose Statement:

The purpose of the Addison Township Public Library Code of Conduct Policy is to provide a safe, welcoming, and appropriate environment within the library that allows all patrons to use the facilities to the fullest extent. Any library user who does not abide by the ATPL policies may be required to leave the library premises and may forfeit their library privileges. If any of the regulations of this policy are disobeyed and are not corrected when asked, then others in the library, including the ATPL staff, have a right to remove themselves from the situation and seek assistance if they feel endangered. Anyone trying to enter or refusing to leave the building after being evicted or banned can be charged with trespassing.  The Library Board of Trustees authorizes library staff the right to enforce the library’s published Code of Conduct Policy and the right to call local law enforcement due to unlawful activity of any kind


  1. Violation of any local, state, or federal laws is prohibited.
  2. Library users will not disturb, assault, harass, intimidate, threaten, stalk, make advances, or act aggressively to others in the library. They will not interfere with the ATPL staff or volunteers as they perform their duties.
  3. Library users are asked to silence cell phones and all other sound-emitting devices while inside the library building. If a device is used in the library, the noise must remain at a reasonable level and be used away from others. 
  4. Smoking of any kind, including vaping, and the use of e-cigarettes is prohibited inside the library building. No tobacco or other burnable products may be used on the library premises. To smoke, a library user must be 50 feet away from the main entrance of the library.
  5. Consumption or possession of alcohol, marijuana, illegal drugs, or any substances (without prescription) of any kind is prohibited.
  6. Using obscene, injurious, or abusive/aggressive language or gestures of any kind is prohibited.
  7. Damaging library materials, furnishings, or property of any kind is prohibited. Library users may not deface, mark on, or mutilate any library furnishings, materials, or equipment. 
  8. Library users will not enter the building without proper clothing and bodily hygiene. All library users must wear clothing and use personal hygiene that is not offensive to others. 
  9. All noise must be kept at a reasonable level and not interfere with others.
  10. Any materials removed from the library must be checked out on a valid library card or through other standard library procedures.
  11. Unlawful weapons of any kind on library property is prohibited. ATPL is in accordance with the State of Michigan Laws. 
  12. Only approved service animals are allowed in the library building, except for specific library programs.
  13. Library users will abide by ATPL’s Internet Safety Policy. A copy of this policy is available upon request.
  14. Sexual acts or behaviors that include but are not limited to exposure, physical contact, or inappropriate language is prohibited. 
  15. Fighting, provoking a fight, or engaging in any act of violence of any kind is prohibited.
  16. Library users will not misuse the library’s restrooms. Prohibited behavior includes but is not limited to: shaving, bathing, hair cutting, hair coloring, and using the restrooms to wash clothes.


Persons who violate any of the above behavior and conduct regulations are subject to the withholding of library privileges as follows:

  • First Violation: A warning or suspension of library privileges for the rest of the day, a written incident report, and possible removal from the library premises.
  • Second Violation: Library privileges suspended for a one month, a written incident report, and possible removal from the library premises. 
  • Third (and subsequent) Violation(s): Library privileges suspended for one-year, a written incident report, possible removal from the library premises, and a meeting with the library board of trustees for review.

Approved 5/16/23 by Addison Township Public Library Board of Trustees

Revised: June 30, 2016,  Feb. 20, 2018, March 22, 2018, February 21, 2012

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