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Addison Township Public Library

Code of Conduct Policy

In order to provide a safe and appropriate environment within the library that allows all patrons to use the library to the fullest extent, the library board of trustees has adopted the following code of conduct. 

Any patron not abiding by these or other regulations of the library may be required to leave the library premises and my forfeit his/her library privileges. Library employees will contact the sheriff if deemed advisable.

  1. Patrons shall not assault, harass or annoy others in the library, nor interfere with library employees’ performance of their duties.
  2. Patrons are asked to silence cell phones and all other sound-emitting devices while in the library. Individuals finding it necessary to use their cell phones while in the library must keep their voices to a reasonable level and move away from others so as not to disturb other library patrons.
  3. Smoking, vaping and the use of E-Cigarettes are prohibited inside the building, as well as within 50 feet of the main entrance of the library.
  4. Non-alcoholic beverages maybe consumed in the library if they are in closed containers. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the library unless previously approved by the library board.
  5. Patrons shall not deface or mar library materials including books, magazines, newspapers, recordings or other items of the library collection.  Nor shall they deface, mar or in any way destroy or damage library furnishings, walls, machines, or other library property.
  6. Patrons shall not enter the building without appropriate clothing including shirt and shoes. Patrons whose bodily hygiene is offensive so as to constitute a nuisance to other patrons or library staff may be required to leave the building.
  7. Individuals carrying guns must follow the State of Michigan Gun Laws.
  8. Weapons are not allowed in the library or on library property. 
  9. Pets excluding approved service and therapy animals are not allowed in the library except for specific library programs.
  10. Any materials removed from the library must be checked out on a valid library card or through other standard library procedures such as interlibrary loan.
  11. All patrons will abide by the library’s Internet Safety Policy, and failure to do so may result in suspension of library privileges. Copies of the policy are available upon request.
  12. In cases of disruptive behavior, patron identification including name, address and phone number, may be requested.
  13. The library board of trustees authorizes library staff and law enforcement officers to enforce the library’s published code of conduct policy up to and including long-term suspension of library privileges, permanent banning from the library or prosecution.
  14. A patron whose privileges have been suspended or revoked may have the decision reviewed by the board of trustees.
  15. Persons entering or refusing to leave the building after being evicted or banned can be charged with trespassing.  Patrons shall respect the rights of other patrons.

Approved: February 21, 2012

Revised: June 30, 2016,  Feb. 20, 2018 and March 22, 2018

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