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Building Progress

Update April 24, 2019:

Please visit review the current status of the new building project.

Update Jan. 25, 2019

1. The Library Board has moved forward with hiring:

  • Architect: TDG Architects 
  • Engineering firm Nowak and Fraus
  • Construction Manager, James Ratliff

to research our donated property to determine the feasibility of building within our budget.

2. Nowak and Fraus has provided a preliminary concept drawing based on their findings from the property survey completed in December, 2018. This concept plan is on view for the public at the library.  Please be aware that it is subject to change.

3. The budget for the new building should be complete when the site is further developed.

4. Concerns regarding the sighting of bald eagles have been addressed. Bald Eagles have been reported in the Lakeville Lake area, they have not nested on the library property.

5. One neighbor, who owns property adjacent to the library property has brought concerns to the Library Board regarding her concern of possible drainage due to land movement. The engineer from Nowak and Fraus, Jason Longhurst stated that their company would ensure that doesn't happen.

If you have questions please call us at 248-628-7180 or email us at

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