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Why Build a Library: FAQ's

Donated Library Property

Located Directly Across from our Current Facility 

Q: Why is the Library Board considering a new building when you just moved to your new location in 2011?

A: The Addison Twp. Library has operated for 40 years in a space that is not adequate for the service population.

  • The state formula for library size is based on population. Our community size indicates that a 4600 sq. ft. space is necessary to provide collections, programs and reading/study space.
  • The 2010 plan to build was abandoned because the design was too costly.
  • The Board determined that a less costly temporary arrangement was available by creatively renovating the 3000 sq. ft. storefront at 1400 Rochester Rd.
  • While we are thrilled with the space increase and welcoming environment, we struggle with the fact that the building and grounds which we lease, require constant repair and upkeep. 
  • The lease ends in March 31, 2021 and our landlord has indicated that the current lease of $1000 will be renegotiated at possibly a much higher rate.

Q: What happened to the land donated to the Library? Are we ever going to see a library there?

A: In 2008, the Library was graciously donated 3.8 +- acres across the street from our current location. 

  • We own this property outright, & have flexibility (per permission of the land donor) as to whether we build a building on the property, or sell or subdivide to fund the purchase of another building on other property, or construction of a building on this property. 
  • The property is zoned multi-dwelling and commercial. Addison township regulations for this type of property include a statement that indicates that special permission can be requested for the construction of a library on this type of property. This special permission would have to be requested.

Q: Will this new building increase our taxes?

A: No. The Library will fund this project with savings, a loan and fund raising. 

Q: How can I help?

A: The Library Board would like to hear from you! 

  • Share your building ideas with us!
  • We encourage all citizens to attend our public meetings to express their ideas, concerns and comments! We want your participation. Our meeting minutes are always available in the library or on our website!
  • Donate your time, get involved. 
  • Library Board Meetings are held at 7 pm, the 3rd Tuesday of each month, except in July and December.
  • New Building Committee Meetings are held at 5 pm the 1st Monday of each month. *Meeting dates and times are subject to change due to committee needs and or weather emergencies. Please call the library if you have any questions: 248-628-7180
  • Donate money to the New Building Fund.
  • Please call the library if you have any questions: 248-628-7180 or email your questions to
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