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Addison Township Public Library

Minutes February 4, 2019


New Building Committee - Minutes

Monday, February 4, 2019


MEMBERS PRESENT: Rita Morrow (late), James Elsarelli, Jaema Berman

Public Present: James Ratliff (Alan Group), Jason Longhurst (NFE), John Danckaert (Arch.), Matt Martus, Sue Poche, Mr. Poche

APPROVAL OF THE AGENDA: Approved with changes, added schedule discussion to “New Business”

APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES: January 7th minutes approved without change


  • Site plan review
    • Jason Longhurst presented revision 2 of the site layout. This included a repositioning to the building due to elevation grade of the property and to try and obtain the best view of the property from windows.
    • The first site plan submittal to the road commission has been done and is currently waiting feedback.
  • Lessons learned from surrounding library building projects.
    • Information from other firms.
    • Visit libraries to see and hear their lessons learned.
      • Jaema Berman will help organize conference calls with other libraries to help get information from their projects.
    • Post Office as possible tenant.
      • To help reduce complexity and risk, the library board decided to not continue the investigation of including the post office as a possible tenant in the new building space.
    • Review building program document
      • Pages 1,2, and top of 3 will be reviewed by the building committee members and suggested changes will be brought to the next meeting.



  • Meeting dates for 2019
    • The published dates for 2019 have been corrected and the new day for the monthly meeting will be the first Monday of each month at 5pm. Meeting dates for 2019 have been set and are subject to change due to weather or other project demands. 
  • Title information from Lawyer
    • Property title information was provided by the current consulting lawyer. One of the documents found, Liber 4664 page 258, needs clarity.



  • Estimated addition size
    • Based on feedback from the Library Board and the projected population growth, the project will protect for an additional 2500sqft expansion in the site layout.
  • CM contract
    • The notice was made that the Alan Group was awarded as CM (Construction Manager) for the libraries new building project.
  • Schedule
    • A project schedule was presented to show the dates where project milestones need to be completed.




  • The Poche family (adjacent property owner) brought up a concern that the dumpster location could be a nuisance to their residence. James Elsarelli will confirm with the waste management service when trucks run usual schedule (will they arrive at disruptive hours?).  Also additional landscaping/foliage could possibly help with this concern.


  • Public meeting was set up by James Elsarelli. Next meeting will be replaced by an “open house” public meeting to encourage and allow residents to provide feedback on the project.  Also, public input on what they would like to see in the new building is needed.





NEXT MEETING: March 4, 2019  (public “open house” meeting 5-8pm)

Prepared by: J. Elsarelli

Minutes in PDF

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