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Addison Township Public Library

Libby to Replace Overdrive in 2022

Libby to Replace Overdrive in 2022

 The Overdrive app will retire by the end of 2022.

 Beginning February 23, 2022, the Overdrive App will no longer be available to download from any app store.

 The Overdrive team hopes to transition a majority of its users to the Libby app by the end of 2022.

 What this means for current Overdrive users:

  • Current users will still be able to use their Overdrive app until the end of 2022
  • New users will be redirected to the Libby app beginning February 23, 2022

 What is Libby?

  • Libby is a free, easy service made by the same provider as Overdrive
  • Libby allows you access to e-books, audio books, and digital magazines
  • Access to all digital content is linked through your library card

 How to Access Libby:

  1. Visit the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or Microsoft Store
  2. Search for "Libby"
  3. Download the Libby app to your favorite device
  4. Link your library card by following the prompts!

 If you need assistance, please call Addison Township Public Library at 248-628-7180.