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Addison Twp. Public Library

Building Update

The Addison Twp. Public Library moved into our current location in 2011 with the understanding that our $1000 lease could be renewed in 10 years. A recent talk with our landlord has indicated that he plans to demolish the building in 2021 and rebuild the strip mall.  He offered to rebuild our library but the price for a space our current size, 3000 sq. ft. would cost $3000/month.

The Library Board has been meeting monthly before our regularly scheduled Board Meetings to discuss our options given that we have 5 years remaining on our current lease. Possible options include:

  • Building on our donated property directly across the street from our current location.
  • Selling off half of the 3.8 acre property and building on the remaining half.
  • Selling all the property and investing in a preexisting building or build in a different location.

The Library Board has decided that investing in a library building the community owns is the best direction at this time.

See the recent article in the Oxford Leader by C.J. Carnacchio,  regarding these changes:

Your input is important to us! We meet the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm except in July and December.

If you have any questions or comments please call Jaema Berman, Library Director,