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January 2024 Board Meeting Minutes


MEETING MINUTES Tuesday, January 16, 2024 @ 7:00 p.m.

Call to Order: The Library Board President called the meeting to order at 7:03 PM, in the Addison Township Public Library, 1400 Rochester Rd, Leonard, MI 48367

Board Members Present: J. Baldiga - Yes, J. Eller - Yes, J. Elsarelli - Yes, K. King - No,

  1. Newby - No, M. Szost - Yes.

Pledge of Allegiance: All in attendance participated  

Approval of Agenda:   J. Elsarelli moves to accept the agenda, 2nd by J. Baldiga.   All in favor, none opposed, motion carries.

Call to Audience: (two minutes per visitor) 

Consent Agenda:  

  • Approval of November 21, 2023 meeting minutes. 
  • Approval of November 2023 bills and expenses as paid
  • Approval of December 2023 bills and expenses as paid

-J. Eller moves to accept the consent agenda, 2nd by J. Elsarelli, roll call vote; J. Baldiga - yes, J. Eller - yes, J. Elsarelli - yes, K. King - absent, J. Newby - absent,  M. Szost - yes, all yes, motion carries.

Financial Report:  Treasurer Szost explained the 2023 year financial.  Ended the year under budget due to lower payroll.  CPA, D. Lamsa, recommends transferring the extra revenue to the Building Fund.  Discussion took place.  

-M. Szost motions to move $25,000.00 out of LGIP to the Operational saving account.  2nd by J. Baldiga,  Roll call vote; J. Baldiga - yes, J. Eller - yes, J. Elsarelli - yes, M. Szost - yes, motion carries.  

-J. Baldiga moves to move $50,000.00 of the fund surplus to New Building Fund, 2nd by J. Eller,  roll call vote; J. Baldiga - yes, J. Eller - yes, J. Elsarelli - yes, M. Szost - yes, motion carries.

-J. Baldiga moves to accept the Financial Report, 2nd by J. Elsarelli, roll call vote; J. Baldiga - yes, J. Eller - yes, J. Elsarelli - yes, M. Szost - yes, motion carries.

Director’s Report:  Director shared the Library Statistics, things have been proceeding well.  The new director's aide is working well.  Director has completed continuing education courses and is registered for the next advancement.  

-J. Baldiga moves to accept the Directors Report, 2nd M. Szost,  all in favor, none opposed, motion carries.

Committee Reports: 

New Building: 

  • Update on special use and site plan application status:     Updates and shared concerns from the Public were discussed.  It has been noted that “No Parking” signs are posted on both sides of Maple Cove.  Information to share at the next meeting is being prepared to address public concerns.  Letters of Library Build support would be prudent before the next Planning Meeting via email, mail, or drop box at the Township Offices.
  • HUD Grant updates:  2 and ½ of the 4 requirements have been written.  J. Baldiga is working on completing the other requirements. 

Public Information: None


  • Employee Handbook:  J. Baldiga spoke with Michael Bloom, Attorney prior to the holiday to provide a template about all that should be included in the employee handbook.  Follow up will take place.

Finance: None

Capital:  None


  • Update on proposed By-Law amendments:  Continued progress and then it will go to the Attorney for approval.

Communication: None

Old Business: 

  • Purchase agreement for selling parcels 05-27-256-009 and 05-27-254-007:  To be completed, hold mode until planning commission approval.  D. Lamsa reminds us that property taxes on the donated property will be due Feb. 15 which will be paid from the operation budget as normal.
  • Language for Millage renewal:  J. Baldiga shared the proposed language for the 2024 Renewal along with past documentation of verbiage used and the tax rate request which rates are formulated by.  Will speak with Clerk Bennett for any suggestions and advice she may offer.

New Business:

  • Review letter received for available property for sale or lease:  Letter was considered at the meeting.  This site had been considered before and found not feasible for the Library needs.  Thank you to the owner for contacting the Library before offering the space to the Public.

Public Forum:  Questions from the audience were received, addressed, and discussion took place.

Next Meeting: February 20, 2024 @ 7:00 p.m. (unless otherwise posted)

Adjournment: J. Elsarelli moved to adjourn at 8:05 PM, 2nd by J. Eller , all in favor, the meeting adjourned.

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